Relationship CounselingIt is not uncommon that even the most stable relationships benefit from counseling. Relationship counseling can offer help in negotiating difficult decisions, assist in working through communication barriers and even can help in bringing increased intimacy into the relationship. I respect and work with a diverse range of relationships and my goal is to help you and your partner reach the relationship potential you strive for.
Family Therapy
Families create a very special bond. They are unique in the challenges and pleasures they can provide. Within family relationships, conflicts and communication difficulties can arise. We each have different ways to negotiate these challenges and I am experienced at working with families around negotiating changes, communication difficulties and unexpected events that impact family members. I work together with the family unit to identify the current stressors and help navigate the way towards resolution or healthy family coping.
Often times the tools we use to cope with life stressors bring relief and a sense of hope. Sometimes those tools can become burdensome or unhealthy when we find ourselves over indulging or lacking in moderation. Addictions can lead to feelings of isolation, shame and/or hopelessness. They can interfere with our goals and get in the way of important relationships. I offer significant experience in helping cope with addictions and take a non-judgmental and realistic approach to coping and managing addictions. I can offer hope in rebuilding impaired relationships and have a thorough understanding of how addictions can impact family, friends and working relationships.
Transition through life changes We are each faced with an ever changing world and society. Just as we get comfortable with our job, school, relationship etc, we are sometimes forced to make changes to something new and/or different. Negotiating these changes through preparation, problem solving and confidence building allows us to move forward in a more informed and empowered way. I work with individuals around coping with transitions ranging from career changes and returning or entering school to grieving the loss of important relationships through separations or the passing of a loved one.
Stress Management Managing our time effectively can be stressful in and of itself. Stress can manifest itself in certain areas of the body, in our mood and affect our ability to participate in important relationships. Stress can lead to unhealthy habits such as addictions and can often lead to fatigue and low motivation. I have extensive experience around stress and coping and will help you identify how stress impacts your life, as well as assist you in problem solving solutions to stressful situations/problems. As an important part of stress management, you will discover personal tools that will increase your confidence around dealing with stress in a healthy and balanced way.